In this phlegm, Fradi’s scoring went to the penalty

This can also be called a minor miracle

– He told Róbert Waltner, the head coach of Zalaegerszeg after his team defeated Ferencváros in NB I. After 20 years, ZTE won again on Üllői út.

Though it was in the match that Fradi would come back from the early-scored two-goal disadvantage and score a point, but Ryan Mmaee missed a penalty in the 72nd minute. We were already used to the Moroccan attacker stopping during the kicking motion, he still did, Demjén Patrik however, he felt the direction, the ball didn’t even bounce off of him.

In the VAR room, by the way, they checked to see if the goalkeeper had not moved too early from the goal line, but it was decided that the penalty did not need to be kicked again. Despite its defeat, Ferencváros remained at the top of the table, although Kisvárda could overtake them on Sunday – however, the champion has another postponed match from before.

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