in those who can travel in the car?

Something changes, other prohibitions remain to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. With the 3 June take the go-ahead to the car trips between regionswithout self-certification, but even in this “phase 3” will remain the rules anti-Covid about how to transport the people on board of the vehicles, and then in how many you can travel by car (or motorbike) if you do not belong to the same household with a partner? The limitations are those laid down by the earlier the prime minister –. It remains the obligation of maintaining minimum safety distance of a meter in the cockpit, and riding a motorcycle.

In how many you can travel by car from the June 3, 2020

Even after the 3 June is required to continue to comply with the metro away from the other person, and wear the mask: on board may be the the driver at the place of judas and the passenger on the back seaton the opposite side to have at least a meter of distance. The third passenger can be transported if it is available with a third row of seats or if the machine is very wide to ensure a distance of at least a metre between the people.

The case of the family in the car: couples, parents with children

The people who live under the same roof can move drive all together without problems. There are no limitations, except the number of passengers for which it is approved the car, it is obvious. You can go 2, 3, 4, or even 5 if the machine allows it.

The FAQ of the government speak, in fact family and with this term we mean those who live in the same accommodationregardless, by the bonds of kinship or marriage: what does it mean? Families with children, cohabiting not married and even engaged couples if you live in the same house. For example, mum, dad and children – if they live in the same apartment – can travel together in the car, but you can not be more than two in the passenger compartment in the case of grandchildren and grandparents do not live in the same house.

Car journeys with friends: you can travel in 3 in the machine?

These rules anti-coronavirus also apply to friends (not cohabitants) traveling together in the car, for example, for a trip to the beach: in a normal sedan you can’t be in 3but in 2, the driver and a passenger behind on the opposite side of the seat.

This clarification is reported in the FAQ published on the website of the government:

Is it possible to use cars and other means of locomotion between persons non-resident, subject to the same precautionary measures provided for the transport of line: that is, with the presence of only the driver in the front of the car and two passengers maximum for each additional row of rear seats, with the requirement for all passengers to wear the mask.

June 3, commuting by motorcycle: when you can go in two

As for the drive, nothing changes from the June 3, also for travel by motorcycle or scooter: you can travel in two only if cohabiting. One exception concerns the Liguria where the Region allows people who do not live together, to move together in motion, provided that you wear the helmet or the surgical mask in the case of open face helmets.


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