The ‘Dancing Den Town’ session will visit Toulouse. It will be possible to gather as many citizens as possible in the field of music and dance by the presenter Itziar Alduntzin and the choreographer Gotzon Poza.

Along the way, they will discover the stories of many citizens. Uncommon, weird, bizarre and shocking stories. In addition to talking about the carnival, there will be many cultural, sports and social events in the town, including the International Puppet Center. They will enjoy the great Coppelia dance show there.

They will also visit Eceiza’s sweet shop and sample the roast steak from the world-famous Casa Julian restaurant. Leire Leturia and Kristina Aranzab, who is a musician with Lain, will perform the song ‘I call it Galtzaundi’. The Telleria brothers from the ‘Gure Kasa’ session will talk about the famous Tolosa people.

The spring dance group will dance the song ‘Sagarra jo’ by Kalakan. In addition, there will also be local traders, bean vendors, txarangs and rowing club athletes.

And finally, the mayor of the carnival, Patxi Amiano, will start lipdub. ‘Dancing Den Town’ will be shown this Wednesday at 10pm on ETB1 and


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