In Torreón, they say that Niño Dios cries blood

The photo of the Child God went viral on social networks. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

In the social networks have viralized various events, from a funny video to assaults on public transport, for this reason, on this occasion a family from Torreón, Coahuila, assured that a miracle appeared at their home, since a figure of the Child God cried tears dand sangre.

Between network users the image of the Child God went viral with a tear of blood; the figure wears an outfit in white and orange, under his eye you can see the drop of blood.

The media indicated that in the family’s home Franco Martinez the miracle was presented. While cleaning the home, Mrs. Martha noticed something strange about the figure of the God child.

After approaching, he observed that the figure had tears of blood that ran down part of his face. She later called her husband and told him the story.

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In an interview for a nationwide television network, she assured that she is very Catholic and a believer, therefore, the miracle surprised her.

After the miracle, several people have visited the Child God and Mrs. Martha assured that she allows them entry to see the incredible event. Network users posted images of the figure where a tear of blood can be seen on the face of the Child God.

Some information about the Child God

Ancient writings indicate that the devotion to the Divine Child began on Mount Carmel, where Jesus frequently went for a walk and pray with his parents, Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary, and his grandparents Saint Joaquin and Saint Anne.

  • The baby Jesus won the appreciation and affection of the people who also gathered to pray on the mountain, who, after the ascension of Christ, indicated the specialized site ACI Prensa.