In Toulon, Berceau Magique also takes care of parents

Since 2004 and its launch, Berceaumagique, born in Toulon and still flourishing there in its highly visible premises at the western entrance to the city, has grown considerably. The company, which today has around thirty employees, offers its customers “everything you need to equip yourself when you are expecting a child or when you are a parent of young children”, specifies Jenny Nicolas, the communication officer of the “webshop”. In this case, more than 20,000 products from more than 250 different specialist brands.

To continue their development, the Toulonnais of Berceau Magique are innovating. And broaden their offerings by offering regular workshops on all topics related, directly or indirectly, to the birth of a child, to future and young parents. Prepare your maternity suitcase, birth plan, stay in shape during your pregnancy, breastfeeding, but also optimization of the child’s room, introduction to babywearing, sign language with the baby…

“Meeting the parents is a format that we likeexplains Jenny Nicolas, at the origin of the project. The idea is that Berceau Magique is not just a commercial site. We want to support families beyond the product.”

Some are free, such as meetings around breastfeeding, others pay, especially those more “practical”.

Concretely, a two-hour slot is determined, often at the beginning of the afternoon, with a theme, and the workshop is offered for online booking, where all the details, including price, are notified. It then takes place physically in the company’s premises (236, avenue Amiral-Aube), led by Jenny Nicolas and a professional, specifically trained on the subject.

“It also allows mums and dads or co-parents to connect with these professionals”, says the young woman again.