In Toulon, the anger of the CGT health “must be heard”

Caring for the French with dignity

Manon Magagnosc, CGT general secretary of the Toulon – la Seyne intermunicipal hospital center, clarified: “For decades the state has not given us the means to carry out our missions. The Social Security financing bill will be voted on in a month. We claim the means to treat the French with dignity. It is our whole system of health, social action and medico-social that is collapsing. It is a societal choice. Public money should not go private.

Having transmitted their demands to the representatives of the State, the CGT delegates Isabelle Godard, Isabelle Pieri and Jérôme Bélijar concluded: “We expressed at length the difficulties and problems encountered in their services by our colleagues, whether in the public or private sector. Many holders and students in training give up to do something else. It is no longer tenable. Our leaders must give us the means to work properly. Nothing can be done against the anger of the population! On September 29, we will be on the streets to reiterate our concerns.”