May 11 marks the official deconfinement for all. But what about the markets and local activity that has been suffering for two months?

“For 60 days, our compatriots have been confined. It’s long. It’s heavy. And I’m not even talking about those who are involved in local life and can do nothing. We are all awaiting decisions from government and clarifications … that don’t come. “

Hubert Falco, mayor of Toulon and president of the Metropolis, admits his helplessness in the face of public authorities which hesitate, grope about knowing when to reopen shops close to the seaside, access to beaches, markets …

“The civic spirit of Toulon will be the same”

“For me, life must now resume. Not in the same way because this Sanitan crisis has changed everything. We will never live as before and, that, I believe that all Toulon residents have understood. just as our fellow citizens respected confinement, they will respect the rules relating to deconfinement, he believes.

Citizenship will be the same. That’s why, I want the markets to reopen the week of May 11th. The same goes for the beaches: the shops in Mourillon tell me they are ready. We all are to start off on the right foot while respecting the rules of social distancing and protection. “

“Total blur!”

Castigating centralized power, Hubert Falco pleads for a field analysis, “by local people who have their feet on the ground”: “I repeat: we are ready to do everything in our power to combine health protection and activity, but we need clear rules. However, we do not have them at the moment.”

In terms of culture, there are obviously provisions to be made in cinemas and concert halls, concerts …

“Only one example: the Chalucet media library. If someone comes to borrow a work, we will have to disinfect it before someone else can borrow it. We will do so according to the rules. Even if Chalucet has 70,000 books! does not scare us. But, currently, we deplore a total blur. Which will – we hope – dissipate this week … “.

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