In Tournai, ethical hackers want to share their knowledge to better fight against threats

How to better fight against cyber-threats? In Tournai, a community of ethical hackers has just been created. Its name is BeHack, it brings together cybersecurity professionals but also students and simple enthusiasts. Their objective ? Share knowledge and train to fight threats more effectively.

Being at the forefront of cybersecurity has become more than necessary according to Guillaume Deterville, one of the founders of BeHack: “Europe is lagging behind in cybersecurity compared to China or the United States. We saw during the Covid crisis that Belgium was a target so it is more than necessary to work every day to improve security. The idea is to share tools, methodologies, new flaws. Also to keep watch to better anticipate future threats. Also help a maximum of economic actors in Belgium to increase their level of understanding and security on their infrastructure“.


Too many Belgians are also being hacked. Guillaume Deterville reminds us that you have to be extremely vigilant when browsing the web. “Anything bank, insurance or anything else never asks for credit card numbers by email or phone. Always make sure that you are on the site of your bank or your insurer. Check the spelling in the URL (email address) and above all, have the most secure password possible. Avoid last names, avoid any information that can be found online. It is more necessary to ask “if I will be hacked” but rather “when I will be hacked”? Applying these little tips will already drastically increase the level of security“.

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