The woman is in intensive care.

On Saturday, November 10, the terrible murder of a 4-month-old girl took place in the Proletarsky district of Tver. The baby was killed in the apartment. According to investigators, in the bedroom, the 31-year-old mother of the girl turned her daughter on her side and pressed a pillow to her face. The baby choked. After that, the woman began to cut her neck and arms. She is now in intensive care.

As reported in the Investigation Department of the Russian IC in the Tver region, now the woman is under police protection in the hospital.

Criminologists have withdrawn from the crime scene children's things, a child's medical card, things a woman. Interrogated bystanders.

– In a criminal case, a complex of forensic examinations was appointed, namely: medical, dactyloscopic, molecular-genetic, medical-criminalistic, inpatient complex psychological-psychiatric forensic examination of the suspect, – reported in the TFR.

The investigation will give a legal assessment of the actions (inaction) of the officials who carry out preventive activities, social workers, medical workers who are obliged to carry out the medical patronage of a minor.

On the fact of the murder of a minor, obviously for the perpetrator in a helpless state, a criminal case. A woman faces up to 20 years in prison.


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