In Tyumen, physicians saved the sight of a guy, an unhealthy hemophilia

In Tyumen, physicians saved the sight of a guy, an unhealthy

In Tyumen in OKB No. 2, surgeons helped a seven-year-old boy, who is unwell with a serious genetic disease – non-compliance with blood coagulability. Because of the common cold, a small patient developed a deep phlegmon of the orbit of the orbit. The purulent process proceeded swiftly, and the edema squeezed the eye nerve. Purulent process struck soft tissues in the area of ​​inflammation, increasing swelling squeezed the eye nerve. Pus threatened to clog the orbital vein and artery of the retina, because of what young Tyumenets could lose sight. Surgeons of Tyumen and the region often carry out complex operations. “In addition, the risk of developing meningitis increased,” – said the secretary of the OKB № 2 Anastasia Dembitskaya. But it was not immediately possible to proceed to it. For this reason, the child was administered a special drug for several hours, which increases the coagulability of the blood. Treatment phlegmon complicated by severe form of hemophilia – any cut can cause profuse bleeding. A difficult endoscopic operation was conducted by a team of medical workers. Governed by Hopes of Kuznetsova otolaryngologists opened and cleared the pore maze of the paranasal sinuses from the pus. They managed to restore the mobility of the eyeball and keep the guy’s eyesight. Anesthesiologists-resuscitators observed his condition. – The risk was great, but everyone understood that the child must be saved. Such operations have been done for 5 years already, but the child had hemophilia for the first time, said Nadezhda Kuznetsova, head of the department. However, we performed the rhinoperation for the patient with the conclusion of “hemophilia” for the first time, – shared Nadezhda Kuznetsova, head of the otorhinolaryngological department of the Children’s Hospital OKB No. 2. Under the statement honey. employees, there was a high risk of bleeding, but the operation was successful.

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