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In Venezuela, an official called the change of top managers of PDVSA part of a coup

CARACAS, February 14 – RIA News. The appointment of a new oil and gas company PDVSA and members of the board of directors of its daughter Citgo by the opposition parliament of Venezuela is part of a coup d'état organized by the United States, member of the National Constituent Assembly of the Republic David Paravasini told RIA Novosti.

As it became known earlier, Luis Palacios, Edgar Rincón, Luis Urdaneta, Angel Olmetta, Andres Padilla and Rick Esser became the new members of the Board of Directors of Citgo. Also, board members were appointed at the PDVSA itself; they were Simon Antunes, Gustavo Velasquez, Carlos José Balsa, Ricardo Prada and David Smolyanski.

"We cannot view this event outside the context of the coup d'état that the United States is trying to accomplish through (opposition leader Juan Guaido), who proclaimed himself president and allows Washington to impose an alternative government on Venezuela," the official commented.

Paravasini, who is an authoritative expert in the field of the energy policy of Venezuela, believes that the decision of the parliament is largely "propaganda." Thus, according to him, the National Assembly "is trying to show the whole world that Juan Guaido is in charge of the country."

“The decisions that this person takes have consequences only in the eyes of the world press. The opposition is not trying to establish contact with citizens through its actions, it only stirs the international situation,” the agency’s source said.

The United States on January 28 announced the imposition of sanctions against PDVSA, blocking the assets and interests of the company in its jurisdiction for $ 7 billion, and also banned transactions with them. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has promised to send on trial to those who recognize the appointment in the oil company Citgo, a division of the Venezuelan PDVSA in the United States, from the side of the self-proclaimed head of Venezuela, Juan Guaido.

Guayido January 23, declared himself the head of state for the duration of the interim government. The United States and a number of other countries declared recognition of Guaido and demanded that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, whose election they did not consider lawful, not to allow violent actions against the opposition. Maduro declared himself a constitutional president, and he called the head of the opposition parliament "a puppet of the United States." Russia, China and several other countries supported Maduro as the legitimate president of Venezuela.



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