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Orozco / Agencies | THE PRESS OF LARA.- According to the Utopix portal, which carries registration of femicides in Venezuela taken from what was published in regional media, during the pandemic, which runs from March 16 to today, there have been 148 crimes perpetrated against women, translating it into a femicide every 33 hours.

The average translates to about 5 femicides weeklyAccording to this page in charge of collecting even the motives for these crimes, most of them passionate, committed by couples, ex-partners and close relatives, which in the portal assures that they are intimate femicides, since very little would be non-intimate femicides, which are caused by people outside the victim’s life.

In total throughout the year, Utopix reflects that they have occurred 195 cases of femicidesOne of the strongest months being January with 34, April with 24, June with 21 and September with 20. The calculations ensure that between 2019 and 2020 this type of crime has increased by 67% in Venezuela.

Some of the most high-profile cases of femicides during the quarantine have been that of Carla Rios Rodriguez (39) from Caracas and Giannelly Esther Pirrongeli Pumiaca (23) of the state of Bolívar. Both women were victims of a man who swore love to them at some point in his life.

Carla was murdered on the night of Friday, July 31, on the ground floor of her building, located on Baralt Avenue, Libertador municipality. The main suspect is her ex-partner Edward Chacón, a man with whom she lived for five years and from whom she separated for being a victim of verbal and physical abuse. He denounced him, but was not arrested. Her mistreatment increased in March, when at the beginning of the pandemic, the man pointed a firearm at her head.

During the quarantine Carla had no rest, as she was being stalked by Chacón without being able to defend herself and without the protection of any security body, he took advantage of the solitude of the streets to reach the woman and threaten her.

For Giannelly, who was also in the eighth month of pregnancy, death came after being brutally attacked with blows until she and her baby were left lifeless, the aggressor being her partner and father of the child identified as Roberto Terán, 26 years old, who would be in police custody. Supposedly it was in a fit of jealousy by the man towards the pregnant lady.



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