In Vichy (Allier), the hospital management reacts: “There is accumulated fatigue in the legs and in the heads”

Director of the Vichy hospital center, Jérôme Trapeaux answered questions from The mountain after Thursday’s protest, which brought together more than 350 doctors, caregivers and hospital workers at the health facility.

The personnel present are asking for the resignation of part of your management team, and some, even yours. How do you respond to that?

“The Vichy hospital has gone through two years of health crisis. There is accumulated fatigue in the legs and in the heads. Vichy is doing rather better, while the slump is national. We have assets and a quality certification issued by the High Health Authority which attests to this. We did not close any beds or at the margin, unlike other hospitals. Vichy coped. The course is now set on the construction of a new building. We have an ARS support mission which should allow us to accelerate the movement. In the meantime, I will take into account a number of things to evolve. »

Why doctors and caregivers are on the verge of asphyxiation at Vichy hospital (Allier)

What do you propose ?

“For the secretariat, the recruitment of two full-time equivalents, the time necessary to reduce the backlog of letters. For all staff, the doubling of overtime in April on June pay because the Omicron wave was significant at the Vichy hospital. More generally, overtime has been paid for four years for those who wish to be paid. »

The unions deplore a hundred fewer jobs in five years.

“Staff fell when the hospital was in budgetary difficulty. Since the health crisis, they have increased every year. In 2022, there are about thirty more agents than in 2021, all trades combined. »

Long stay, operating theaters, former school of physiotherapists… In 2022, the hospital plans to invest more than 12 million euros in Vichy (Allier)

Announced projects do not emerge. Why ?

“The establishment is teeming with projects and it was complicated to carry out everything at the same time with the health crisis and significant absenteeism. We set ourselves a rhythm, which we don’t necessarily manage to keep. Regarding dialysis, the service has changed its orientation but work will begin in the fall. »

Organ harvesting has been stopped since the beginning of the year. Will the school remedy this situation?

“We don’t have an organization as robust as a university hospital. Our team is small and a coordinating nurse has left. We are recruiting to restart this activity. »

During a France 3/La Montagne/France Bleu interview on May 15, MP Bénédicte Peyrol (Renaissance), once again pointed to a “problem with the management” at the Vichy hospital.

“I will not comment on that. We are in an election period. »

Interview by Estelle Dissay