In video | From now on mayors can request the opening of restaurants

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The National Government announced that this Wednesday the protocols for the reaction of restaurants in areas that have not been vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic were launched.

“We call for territorial entities to inspect compliance with biosafety protocols, define entry mechanisms for establishments and establish sanctions,” said Minister of Commerce, José Manuel Restrepo.

The official added: “The pilots suppose strict protocols in biosecurity measures. Today is an important day for the start of service pilots at the table in some restaurants in the country ”.

Likewise, President Iván Duque announced that a first approach was made to the protocols for the eventual reactivation of flights at the airport.

“We made a tour from the entrance, in places where the temperature is taken, the web check in, the QR on the boarding passes, it is a protocol that is almost the strictest in the world,” explained Transport Minister Angela Orozco.

Enter so much, the new day of the day if VAT, where people can access products such as household appliances, clothing, footwear, toys and much more, with a lower value than normal because this day this merchandise will be discounted 19% of the VAT tax will have new requirements so that the protocols of social distancing are respected and the increase in contagions by coronavirus is avoided.

“We have to demonstrate as a society that we can comply with this physical distance,” said Duque.

The president recalled that for the second day without VAT, on July 3, in large stores, you can only buy household appliances virtually.

“The face-to-face sale of household appliances, computers and communication elements in large stores is suspended, the other products may be purchased,” explained the Minister of Commerce.



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