In video | They confront Senator Ted Cruz and hold him ‘responsible’ for the massacre in Texas

Through social networks, a video has gone viral this weekend showing the moment when a citizen, outraged by the massacre that occurred last Tuesday, May 24, in the town of Uvalde, confronts the Republican senator Ted Cruz to claim him for not approving the initiatives that are taking place in the Congress of the Republic in favor of the regulation of the right to acquire and carry firearms.

The incident, which is shown in the video, occurred last Friday night inside a restaurant in the city of Houston, where the two protagonists of the scuffle were dining separately, but when the citizen noticed the presence of the senator by the State of Texas, decided to approach him to rebuke him.

The reason was that he considered inconceivable that, despite the tragic massacre in a primary school in the city of Uvalde having taken place in recent days, the politician could participate in a meeting of supporters of the armed forces and even expressed his support for the possession of weapons.

The pro-weapons meeting in which Cruz participated refers to the annual convention of the National Rifle Associationmain defenders of the possession of weapons, whose meeting took place during this weekend, precisely in the State of Texas, scene of the crude massacre that left 21 people dead, most of them minors, and which was responsible for a 19-year-old boy, identified as Salvador Ramos, apparently with mental problems, who, due to current legislation, was able to access a rifle.

In the incident, which required the intervention of Senator Ted Cruz’s security body, the man, identified as Benjamín Hernández, who had participated in the protests against the NRA meeting, friendly approached the legislator, and after requesting a photo, began to rebuke him in a dispute that escalated, and in which the citizen reminded Cruz that the Uvalde massacre had left 21 people dead, 19 of them minors, and the remaining two, teachers of the same school.

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The activist repeatedly pointed out to Cruz that It was in the hands of legislators like him to approve simple measures that, although they do not manage to abolish the right to own weapons, for the moment serve as a regulatory and preventive factor against massacres. such as that of Uvalde, by imposing a series of minimum requirements to be able to buy weapons, among which is the presentation of a background certificate, which would guarantee that these elements are not supplied to potential perpetrators or perpetrators of unfortunate acts.

During the NRA meeting, Ted Cruz pointed out that “taking guns away from responsible, law-abiding Americans will not make our nation safer.”

The heated scene, in which Cruz avoided giving the explanations requested by the citizen, led him to increase the volume of his voice, and even waved, causing the legislator’s security body will act to remove the dissatisfied citizen from the restaurant.

In subsequent statements delivered by Benjamín Hernández to the media in that country, he explained that it was inconceivable to him that, after going to a stage to defend the possession of weapons, Senator Cruz would have the ‘boldness’ to go out in public to have dinner in a restaurant, in a state that still maintains the state of mourning for an unfortunate event caused by an irresponsible holder of weapons.

The Uvalde massacre is considered the most tragic of the recent two decades in the United States, and its occurrence has aroused indignation and fear among citizens in general, inspiring even this Sunday, the president of the United States, went to the city, accompanied by the first lady, to present his message of condolence to the families of the victimsand honor dead minors and teachers.

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Recently, the Texas Police presented in a statement a MEA culpa for the belated action of the uniformed men to enter the elementary school where the massacre took place, warning that it was a mistake to wait nearly an hour for the arrival of the special forces that finally entered and killed the gunman.

During the three days in which the Annual Meeting of the National Rifle Association was held in Houston, a scene in which even former President Donald Trump participated, remained on the outskirts of the event, massive demonstrations that advocated the regulation of the carrying of weapons.

Regarding his encounter with Cruz, in local media, the activist who confronted the senator stated that he wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to ask some of the questions that half of his country wants to ask the pro-weapons, but that the matter escalated due to the silence of the senator and the actions of his escorts.

Even in another of the videos, captured by a restaurant assistant, you can see how Ted Cruz stands, smiling, while his escorts force the citizen out of the restaurant., and when they succeed, the legislator makes a mocking gesture of goodbye, and resumes his dinner.