In which places should you (again) wear a mouth mask?

© Boumediene Belbachir

Less than a month ago, the mouth masks were allowed to go off, a relief for many. Now it turns out to be a short-lived relief. Where should you wear it (again)?

It was decided at the Consultation Committee that the mouth masks have to go back on in all stores. That is to say: in all supermarkets, shops, shopping centers and the like, staff and customers will have to wear a mouth mask again.

The mouth mask obligation will also be (again) introduced in other places: healthcare institutions, publicly accessible areas of businesses, government buildings on courthouses, establishments for cultural, festive, sporting or recreational activities. The latter means that people have to wear mouth masks again in cinema’s, museums on amusement parks. The same applies to libraries and with worship services.

Also on the public transport with you still wearing a mouth mask. Just like non-medical contact professions such as hairdressers and beauticians and medical contact professions such as at the dentist or the general practitioner.

Staff in catering and fitness businesses will also have to wear a mouth mask again. Customers will have to show a corona pass there.

In general, it also applies: if you cannot keep enough distance, it is strongly recommended to wear a mouth mask.

The mouth mask obligation expires where the Covid Safe Ticket is used.