In which provinces will the Blood Moon, the first total eclipse of the year, be seen best?

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The total lunar eclipse that will be recorded between Sunday night and Monday morning will have visibility throughout the countryas long as the cloudiness allows it.

However, there are eight provinces in Argentina that will enjoy a privileged view of the phenomenon, which will begin at 22:33 in Argentina on Sunday.

One hour later, the Moon will begin to be eclipsed. At 0.30 on Monday, the eclipse will be total and will give rise to the Red Moon or Blood Moon.

The privileged provinces to see the total lunar eclipse will be the provinces of La Rioja, Catamarca, Tucumán, Jujuy, Salta, Tierra del Fuego, the west of Santiago del Estero and the east of San Juan, for the rest of the country the The National Meteorological Service (SMN) reported today that low clouds are forecast.

How will the weather be in Neuquén and Río Negro to see the total lunar eclipse

In Neuquén and Río Negro, according to the forecasts of the AIC and Windguru, in the central zone of the provinces it will be clear. There will be cloudiness, in theory, in the Andes and the coast of Río Negro.

What is the Blood Moon?: the Sun, the Earth and the Moon will line up in the sky, in such a way that the natural satellite will adopt a reddish color and will modify the illumination of the night on our planet.

It will be the last astronomical event of this type that can be observed well from the Southern Hemisphere for the rest of the year.

At that moment “the moon enters the penumbra, which is the part of the most diffuse shadow, and an hour later it will begin to enter the umbra, which is the part of the densest shadow.

“From 00:33 it will be in its fullness,” Gabriel Brichetto Orquera, a graduate in Physics and a teacher at the Friends of Astronomy Association of Parque Centenario, told Télam.

This phenomenon occurs when the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun and blocks the light that the latter radiates, generating a cone of shadow that, depending on the angle at which the bodies are found, can be more or less “dense” and Two sectors are generated: the umbra and the penumbra.

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