In Zambia, a TV presenter interrupts the direct to accuse his channel of not having paid for him

“Apart from the news, ladies and gentlemen, we are human beings. We need to be paid for our work, ”said Kabinda Kalimina, a journalist-presenter with Zambian channel KBN TV, in the middle of the evening newscast on June 19.

He had started to present today’s news, when he suddenly took a deep breath to make his statement. “Unfortunately on KBN we weren’t paid … Sharon and everyone else weren’t paid, me included. We deserve a salary, ”he continued. Shortly after this announcement, the live TV was cut to broadcast instead the opening credits of the news channel.

Accused of being intoxicated

KBN TV CEO Kennedy Mambwe reacted on Facebook by criticizing the presenter’s behavior. In a press release published on the channel’s page, he accuses him of having acted under the influence of alcohol and condemns this fleeting moment of glory. “At KBN, we are outraged by this drunken behavior, which ended up in a video that went viral and organized by an employee who should have been presenting the information.”

While he did not deny the presenter’s accusation of unpaid wages, Kennedy Mambwe nonetheless adds that the company has complaints procedures in place for all team members, who can focus on their complaints. “Therefore the attitude of Kalimina last night is irrelevant and does not represent the values ​​of KBN”, writes the CEO. He also indicated that an investigation would be carried out to understand how a presenter could end up on the set in a state of drunkenness and that sanctions will be taken against all those who participated in this project.

Kabinda Kalimina, who in a Facebook post mocked the Zambian media CEO’s charge of drunkenness, continues the provocation and refuses to apologize. “Yeah, I did that live. Journalists are afraid to speak out loud, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do it. ”

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On social networks, the media has been strongly criticized for not paying its employees. Among the many tweets, one could read: “KBN TV must pay them. Now is not the time to play with people’s livelihoods. For the most part, survival is hard enough. Pay what you owe. ”