In Zimbabwe, the president pushed towards the exit of more and more urgent

In Zimbabwe, the president pushed towards the exit of more and more urgent


The party of president Robert Mugabe, the Zanu FP, has put an end this Sunday, 19 November the mandate of leader of a party of “old Bob,” and has even ruled out, announcing The Guardian.

The chiefs of the party have entrusted the office of president of their institution to Emmerson Mnangagwa, the vice-president of the country “who had been sacked two weeks ago by the old autocratic [Mugabe].” The Zanu FP has also excluded Grace Mugabe, the wife of the head of State.

The daily indicates that new discussions have taken place in the morning of Sunday, between Robert Mugabe and the command of the army, but “they have not given result”.

A demo for “a new beginning”

The day before, a protest drew tens of thousands of people in the streets of the capital, to call for Robert Mugabe to leave power.

early in the morning, the correspondents of the BBC evidenced by“a cheerful crowd in the streets of the capital, demanding the resignation of president Robert Mugabe and celebrating the role of the army, which has loosened the grip of this power.”

In the quiet, the people “wave the flags of Zimbawbe, perched on the roof of the bus or sitting in their cars, operating their car horns” reported the website of the BBC in the early morning.

A protester confided to journalists : “this day is the start of a new beginning.”

After two days of negotiations, unsuccessful at the presidential palace, where the head of State of 93-year-old was surrounded by a aéropage of negotiators, calling on it to withdraw from the power, Robert Mugabe had done Friday, November 17, his first public appearance, “but it has taken the floor to open a graduation ceremony at the university”, ” continues the site.

Many leaders of the regions have called for the departure of the chairman “and the resignation of its wife, Grace Mugabe, the ruling party” [Zanu-FP].

This peaceful protest has not exposed yet to the situation, “the fear that has long held the people out in the street appears to have dissipated”, note the BBC.

Mr Mnangagwa, 75 years of age, the new leader of the party Zanu FP, the former head of the intelligence services and referred to as “the crocodile”, is also known for its fierce repression, in the 1980s, of social movements. the “It is widely expected to take over leadership of the country when Robert Mugabe will relinquish power,”, tells the daily.

He should probably wait a bit.

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