Iñaki Williams does not want a final of the Copa del Rey without an audience

Athletic Bilbao striker Iñaki Williams chatted with Pablo Motos in ‘El Hormiguero’ since his confinement in Bilbao. The footballer was caught by the coronavirus crisis in the Biscayan capital and he is spending his quarantine there with his girlfriend, while his parents and brother are in Pamplona. The athlete trains these days at home. “I do it on the treadmill, they send us several exercises and one of them is to put the maximum inclination and maximum speed … Sometimes I get dizzy,” joked the rojiblanco player.

As for the future, Williams hopes to return to the field soon. “It seems that the League is going to try to play and we will need a mini season to get in tune,” he explained. He also revealed that next week they will begin testing the Covid-19 on footballers, “and we will start individual training”, said. Motos asked about the pending Copa del Rey Final and asked if he imagined it without an audience at the stadium. “It would cost me a lot, it is a party for the entire Basque Country and the fans deserve to enjoy it,” he said, referring to both Athletic fans and Real Sociedad fans.

On these special days when he can’t leave home, Iñaki tries not to get bored. “I try to cook, but the other day I made a paella and we had to throw it away because I forgot to put salt on it,” he said with amusement, provoking laughter from his interviewers. She also takes advantage of free time by displaying her dance skills on social media. “From time to time my girl records me doing cool and fun dances for YouTube,” the forward illustrated., who has trouble thinking about scoring a goal soon and that his teammates cannot hug him for safety.


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