Inbox: Jens Rabe warns against staying in Wirecard

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Exchange adviser Jens Rabe is concerned about the current developments in Wirecard shares. He advises investors to sell all shares even if they are lost – if only for their own psyche.

Jens Rabe warns against staying in Wirecard.

The mental attitude on the stock exchange is sometimes the most important thing – and from Jens Rabe’s point of view an urgent reason to leave Wirecard behind. “Many people hope that the share will recover a little or that Wirecard will be bought up. This “buy and hope” strategy ensures that investors look into the portfolio every day and wait to see if anything turns out well – with the result that they don’t have a clear head for other stocks or the market, ”analyzes Rabe.

In addition, it makes tax sense to sell the shares now: “If a share falls to zero, it becomes a total loss, I can only make a loss of EUR 10,000 a year or offset against profits. Anyone who sells now can at least fully contribute to the loss. “

The stock exchange expert is also critical of the burgeoning wave of class action lawsuits: “If I am a shareholder in a company, the very last thing I get is money from the bankruptcy estate or a possible fine”. At Wirecard, however, various creditors, authorities, social security funds and banks had to be served beforehand. For the individual investor, the chance of still getting money was minimal. “The business is particularly worthwhile for the lawyers,” says Rabe. It doesn’t make sense to throw more money after the money that’s already burned. “Investors should take responsibility for their risk management and leave the Causa Wirecard behind,” concludes the exchange adviser.

Ruben Schäfer on behalf of Jens Rabe, Deutschherrenstr. 204 in 53179 Bonn.

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