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Incasl has to push two poligons to overcome the lack of industrial sl

The Catalan Institute of Land (Incasòl) is working with the Department of Territory, which is organically dependent on five urban plans to alleviate the lack of industrial land that exists, above all, around the city of Barcelona, ​​but also in others Points on demand, next to the AP-7, near the cities of Tarragona and Girona. The intention is Begin the first surfaces on the market in 2021, according to Albert Civit, director of the public company.

The projects are in Ruidellots-Aiguaviva (Selva-Gironès), besides the Conca de Òdena (Anoia), Sant Fruitós de Bages, Osona and Valls (Alt Camp). All of them include several municipalities, they are in a different degree of development and In some cases they still have to finish buying the land. Incasòl currently has 670,270 square meters of industrial land, but its location does not correspond to the demand of the market, according to the newspaper Expansion.

Spaces of greater volume

Civit explains that the spaces that They will prepare to accommodate ships of a higher volume than those offered so far. «Those of 5,000 square meters have no exit, Companies need 10,000 or 15,000 square meters»Points out.

The average surface of each polygon will vary and They want to boost between 600 hectares and 900 hectares. The fact that they are supramunicipal projects should simplify the procedure that is usually found in the local councils and in neighborhood and ecological platforms.

In 2018, the Incasol obtained revenues of 188 million euros, 7% more than in the previous year. The bonds were the main source and they were followed by some 40 million, the sale of industrial and residential land and, with 37 million rent rent of its public housing park. The public body lost about 20 million last year, which was covered with reserves and that it intends to leave the red numbers in the medium term.

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