Incidence in counties and RKI numbers today (November 23, 2021)

The health authorities in Saarland received the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) within one day 266 new corona infections reported. According to the information from today’s Tuesday (November 23, 2021) the Seven-day incidence now 364,3 (Previous day: 344.6; previous week: 196.4). Due to the delay in reporting due to the weekend, the data should still be interpreted with caution, even on Tuesdays.

Three new deaths registered

Overall, it has been there since the pandemic began 56.616 Falls on the Saar. Three other people from the Regional association Saarbrücken died in connection with an infection. So died 1.098 People in Saarland with or on Sars-CoV-2. as actively infected the RKI currently estimates 5.100 People (previous day: 5,000; previous week: 2,800). The number of Recovered is around 50.400.

Corona situation in the Saar districts

Situation in the intensive care units

On the Saarland The intensive care unit are currently 44 Patients with Covid 19 disease (previous day: 43; previous week: 35). According to Divi Register will be 13 of them invasively ventilated (Previous day: 10; previous week: 13). the Hospitalisierungsrate lies by 3,05.


the Data from the RKI can due to delay in reporting of your own Differentiate between data from the Saar districts. No information is given about the number of tests.

Explanation of terms

Number of cases: She gives the Total number of the cases in Saarland since the first appearance of the coronavirus. She shows with it not how many people are currently infected with the virus. Recovered and dead are not counted out of this number.

Incidence: the Seven-day incidence indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been infected with the coronavirus within a week.

Number of dead: She shows that Total number of people who have died from or with a corona infection. Forensic doctors estimate that the majority of the corona deaths died because of the infection.

Number of active infections: It indicates how many people at the moment are infected with the coronavirus. This number is a Estimate des RKI.

Number of recovered: Of the Estimate of the RKI indicates how many people were infected with the coronavirus and their infection has now returned survived to have. The number shows not how many people suffer from possible long-term effects (Long-Covid) leiden.

Sources used:
– Robert Koch Institute
– German interdisciplinary association for intensive and emergency medicine
– own research