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Incidence value drops below 12 – no new deaths

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The seven-day incidence in Cologne continues to decline. Masks are still required in some places in the city. But according to Prime Minister Laschet, they could fall.

The corona pandemic still determines everyday life in the cathedral city. How many infected are there? What are the rules? What do Cologne residents currently need to know about the Covid 19 situation?

Saturday June 19th: incidence continues to decline

The incidence value in Cologne continued to drop over the weekend – to 11.6: The Robert Koch Institute reported a total of 24 new infections on Saturday. This means that 53,373 Cologne residents have been infected with the corona virus since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of deaths remains unchanged at 717.

Friday June 18: Incidence drops to May 12

The positive trend in Cologne continues: only twelve new infections with the corona virus were reported by the Robert Koch Institute on Friday morning. The incidence falls to only 12.0. Again, no new deaths were reported.

Thursday, June 17th: Incidence value continues to decrease slightly

25 new corona infections were reported for Cologne on Thursday morning. A week ago it was 88. The seven-day incidence drops to 15.2. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 53,337 Cologne residents have been infected with the corona virus. The number of deaths has not changed and remains at 717.

Wednesday, June 16: Laschet: Mask requirement in the open air can be ended

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister informed the state parliament on Wednesday about the current corona situation and announced further easing. “Nobody wants a fourth wave. Everything has to be done so that it can be avoided,” said Laschet, as reported by the “WAZ”. In NRW, too, there is no reason for arrogance. You should continue to exercise caution. Openings should be done step by step. We should continue to adhere to hygiene and safety measures. The mask requirement should therefore continue to apply indoors – but outdoors “the mask requirement can be ended,” explained Laschet.

In addition, he announced a systematic action against rioters after throwing bottles and assaulting police officers by partying. Laschet said on Wednesday in the state parliament in Düsseldorf that he could understand everyone who is now happy to finally be carefree with friends again and, for example, to enjoy the beautiful weather on the Cologne green belt. Only one thing is not possible: “The riots and assaults last weekend are unacceptable,” emphasized the head of government.

The police also ensured security at the height of the pandemic and made sure that people could safely exercise their right to demonstrate. The police officers had been exposed to an increased risk of infection over the years.

“But that now – when the pandemic is coming to an end – they will be mobbed and assaulted by celebrants, that bottles will be thrown at them, that they will be sprayed with irritant gas and that they are sometimes injured, is highly criminal,” Laschet emphasized and added: “And we will make it clear to these violent rioters in every form: In North Rhine-Westphalia there is zero tolerance for criminals in these cases too.”

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Incidence continues to fall

The Robert Koch Institute gave a seven-day incidence of 17.2 for Cologne on Wednesday morning. Compared to the previous day, the number of total cases rose by 12 to 53,312. The number of deaths remained unchanged at 717.

Tuesday, June 15: incidence value remains at 20

On Tuesday morning, the Robert Koch Institute for Cologne reported an only slightly decreased incidence of 20.9. 16 new infections were registered. This brings the total to 53,300 cases. There were no other deaths.

Monday June 14th: incidence stagnated

On Monday morning, the Robert Koch Institute reported an incidence value of 21.3, which had hardly changed compared to the previous day. Again 18 new infections were registered (total: 53,284), but no further deaths.

Sunday, June 13th: the incidence value drops only minimally

On Sunday morning, the Robert Koch Institute for Cologne reported an only slightly lower incidence value of 21.4. In addition, 18 new infections were reported (total: 53,266). Two other people died from or with Covid-19. This brings the number of deaths to 717.

Saturday June 12th: incidence remains at 22nd June

On Saturday morning, the Robert Koch Institute for Cologne showed a seven-day incidence of 22.3. The previous day the value was also 22.3. The number of total corona cases increased to 53,248, 42 cases were added within 24 hours. Another death was reported. A total of 715 people died in connection with a corona infection.

Friday, June 11th: It is mandatory to wear a mask in pedestrian zones

Despite the low seven-day incidence, medical masks must still be worn in pedestrian zones in Cologne. At its meeting on Friday, the crisis team decided that in public spaces, where sufficient distance could not be guaranteed, it should continue to be mandatory to wear a mask, said crisis team leader Andrea Blome. This also applies to playgrounds – this point was expressly deleted in the current Corona Protection Ordinance of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

“We have not planned any changes to our current mask regulations for our new general order, which will apply from Monday,” said Blome. FFP2 or surgical masks still have to be worn in public in Cologne, everyday masks are not enough. The ban on staying and consuming alcohol at certain hotspots will also remain in place for the time being.

In Cologne, incidence level 1 has been in effect since Friday with the most extensive easing, since the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week is stable below 35.

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Incidence increases slightly to 22.3

On Friday, the Robert Koch Institute for Cologne showed a seven-day incidence of 22.3. The previous day the value was 20.2. 51 new infections were reported within 24 hours, bringing the total to 53,206 cases. Another fatality has been reported, the number of deaths increasing to 714.

Thursday, June 10th: New easing from Friday – Rhine boulevard closed

The incidence value is stable at below 35, so further easing will come into effect on Friday. Amongst other things Any number of people from up to five households can then meet. In indoor catering, the test does not apply if the incidence in the country also remains below 35. Private events are possible outside with up to 250 people and parties are also allowed – under certain conditions.

However, the city continues to make efforts to prevent public gatherings. Therefore, the Rheinboulevard should be closed again at the weekend. The blocking applies on Friday from 6 p.m., on Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m.

Incidence is rising again slightly

On Thursday morning, the Robert Koch Institute reported a slightly increased incidence of 20.2 and 88 new infections (total: 53,155). Another person died of or with Covid-19, increasing the number of deaths to 713.

Wednesday, June 9th: incidence value for Cologne falls below 20

On Wednesday morning, the Robert Koch Institute reported a significantly lower incidence of 18.3. Only two new infections with Covid-19 (total: 53,067) and no further deaths were reported.

Tuesday June 8th: incidence below 25

The number of weekly new infections continues to fall in Cologne: the Robert Koch Institute reported only 14 new cases on Tuesday morning. The seven-day incidence drops to 23.7.

A total of 53,065 Cologne residents were infected with it. A new death has been reported, bringing the total to 712.

No tightening of the corona rules despite sprawling parties

Last weekend, the police and the public order office had a lot to do, as numerous partiers did not adhere to the still existing Corona rules in the evening and at night. “In the area of ​​the rings, the pandemic is apparently over,” commented a police spokesman in the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” ironically the behavior of many Cologne residents in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

The crisis team then advised on Monday how to proceed. It was initially decided against tightening the corona rules at party hotspots in Cologne. At the meeting of the crisis team on Monday morning, the police and the public order office agreed that the existing rules would be sufficient, according to a spokeswoman for the city of Cologne.

The head of the crisis team, Andrea Blome, appealed to Cologne’s reason. She explained that what was needed now was “not new rules, but responsible people who would adhere to the existing rules to combat pandemics.”

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The stay and alcohol bans for the hotspots apply until June 14th. The situation will be monitored in the coming days and, if necessary, the rules will be tightened at a later date if this is necessary, the Cologne town hall said.

Monday June 7th: Incidence drops below June 27th

On Monday morning, the Robert Koch Institute for Cologne reported an incidence value of 26.7. There are also 20 new infections (total: 53,051). Another person died of or with Covid-19, increasing the number of deaths to 711.

Sunday, June 6th: “Lift vaccination ban”: Mayor Reker appeals to the country

In all of North Rhine-Westphalia there are currently practically no first vaccinations in the vaccination centers: The reason for this is the current vaccination decree, according to the Ministry of Health, there are only necessary second vaccinations until mid-June. Cologne’s Lord Mayor Henriette Reker does not want to accept this and has turned to Prime Minister Armin Laschet. He should lift the vaccination ban for Cologne and “stand for an adequate vaccine supply”.

Due to the vaccination ban, people who “make an important contribution to coping with the pandemic” could no longer be vaccinated, said Reker. She also wants to keep the vaccinations in the particularly affected parts of the city. The country should continue to enable these visits by mobile teams from the vaccination center.

Incidence approaches 25 – further easing

The Robert Koch Institute reported 35 new corona infections for Cologne on Sunday morning – the incidence value fell to 27.6. A total of 53,031 Cologne residents have now been infected with the corona virus. Another person died with or from Corona, increasing the number of deaths to 710.

Now that the incidence has been consistently below 50, further easing will come into effect on Sunday. Amongst other things Any number of people can meet in public space, as long as they come from a maximum of three households. It can be up to ten as long as they have a negative corona test. In addition, indoor catering may open under certain conditions, and there are also new maximum limits for the number of guests for events.

Saturday, June 5th: incidence decreased minimally

On Saturday morning, the Robert Koch Institute for Cologne reported an incidence of 31.1. A total of 52,996 cases have been counted since the beginning of the pandemic. No other deaths were reported, with the total of 709 remaining unchanged.

From Sunday will be in Cologne further easing may be possible, since the incidence value has now been below 50 for several days in a row and the next planned easing level can therefore come into force.


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