In a Chinese plane with more than 160 occupants, a co-pilot has triggered a sudden descent with his e-cigarette. In an attempt to hide the smoke from his electronic cigarette, the co-pilot turned off the air conditioning, Chinese media said Friday, citing the country’s Civil Aviation Authority.
As a result, the oxygen content in the cabin of the Boeing 737 has dropped. The incident occurred therefore already on Tuesday on a flight of the national airline Air China from Hong Kong to the northeastern Chinese city of Dalian. On board were 153 passengers and nine crew members. The co-pilot had wanted to turn off part of the ventilation system to prevent the e-cigarette smoke from reaching the passengers, reported the information portal “Caixin”. Instead, however, he has turned off the entire ventilation system. Respiratory masks dropped and the alarm was triggered Accordingly, the oxygen content in the cabin then dropped, the breathing masks in the ceiling panel of the cabin fell down and the alarm system of the Boeing 737 warned of a possibly dangerously high altitude. The pilots had therefore initiated a steep descent to 3000 meters. The reports said there were no casualties. The aviation authority opened an investigation into the incident. In the video: For the perfect photo model swims in shark swarm – then bites one


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