World Incident in Gelsenkirchen: Deadly police shots: manslaughter investigation

Incident in Gelsenkirchen: Deadly police shots: manslaughter investigation


After the fatal shots at a 37-year-old armed with a knife in Gelsenkirchen, a 23-year-old police candidate is investigated on suspicion of manslaughter.

It was still unclear whether the shots on January 5 were "covered by self-defense". This emerges from a confidential report to the interior committee of the NRW state parliament, which is available to the German Press Agency. The report also says: "In particular, it is not certain whether the fatality – as reported in the media – called" Allahu Akbar "."

According to the current investigation, which can be found in the confidential report of the interior minister, the 37-year-old had initially hit a parked patrol car with a stick in front of the police station. The police officer and a 41-year-old colleague spoke to the man. According to "uninvolved witnesses", as it is said, the man ran to the police with the branch and a knife. After evaluating photos of the crime scene, "the distance should have been a few meters". The police candidate had fired four shots. The Turkish citizen, who lived in Gelsenkirchen, died on the spot in the ambulance.

The investigators, who had initially rated the attack as a stop at night, are now assuming that the victim is mentally ill. According to the public report to the interior committee, the man was attested to an “Islamist basic stance” after two test cases. However, there was no evidence of "radicalization, integration into the Islamist scene in Germany or other connections to Islamist groups". In the private report, the man is described as a lone offender.


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