Inconceivable: World star’s four-year-old daughter dies after burying her adorable brother

You can experience amazing pain now through the popular rapper.

You can experience amazing pain now through the popular rapper.

Former partner of world-famous rapper Fetty Wap posted horrible news on her Instagram page: their beautiful four-year-old daughter has died.

She is my wonderful, beautiful, funny, loving, talented, smart and huge-hearted princess mermaid.

– If you see this post, please write it in a comment or just say to yourself, “I love you, Laura!” As I know that souls also feel love The mourning mother wrote during her post.

Although the family announced the little girl’s death to the public over the weekend, an insider said the child had died in late June.

Although Fetty Wap has not yet made a statement on the matter, her recent Instagram story reveals that the rapper dedicated her weekend performance to Lauren.

LoLo, baby girl! Dad did yesterday for you!

Wrote Fetty Wap in a post-concert post.

He suffered another loss

There was another family tragedy recently: Fetty Wap’s beloved brother died in October.

I lose so many people that I slowly begin to feel normal… Don’t ask me how I am, I’m not well.

The rapper wrote then.


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