Increase of the CSG : a gesture for the caregivers and the artists

Increase of the CSG : a gesture for the caregivers and the artists


One string not in a single blow, an operation as complex as the rise of the CSG, and its compensation in the form of lower social security contributions . After the gesture for the residents of retirement homes , the government and the parliamentary majority intend to make new adjustments to the reform, during the second reading of the draft law of financing social Security for 2018, the next week at the Meeting. They want to avoid committing an injustice to the family carers on the one hand, and the artists, authors of the other hand.

No waiver of increase of CSG

The family caregiver, are 7 to 10 million people who are caring for their elderly relatives, or disabled. Some have had to reduce or cease their professional activity, and may be paid through the disability compensation received by the dependent person. At the maximum, they are of 1,143 euros per month.

however, these caregivers receive compensation in the form of income from assets, and not a salary, with a rate of CSG high (8.2 per cent, compared to 7.5 % for employees in the private sector). In addition, in 2018, they will not be able to compensate for the transition to a CSG of 9.9% from a decline of their employee contributions. the ” The hour of human aid is to be paid to 3.36 EUR net pre-tax income and not 3.42 EUR “, quickens the Association of the paralyzed of France.

to remedy this omission, the member LREM Adrien Cleat has proposed two solutions : to exempt this population from the increase of the CSG, or change the nature of the remuneration of caregivers so that they pay less of the CSG. The Senate has adopted the exemption, after the government is handed over to the “wisdom” of the parliamentarians.

However, the minister of public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, has not hidden that he preferred the second option, which would cost $ 5 million instead of 30 million euros. Above all, Bercy did not want to open the Pandora’s box of exemptions, increase of the CSG, and should therefore push the second option in the Hemicycle.

A significant gesture for the artists

in addition, the Senate amended the bill so that the artists, authors should not be penalized by the increase of the CSG. They do not pay contributions for unemployment, unlike employees who pay 2,40 % of their gross salary, and who are going to see that fee disappear in 2018. The amendment of senator Catherine Morin-Dessailly allows for a reduction of 0.95 % of the cost of their contribution for the basic pension. Here, too, Bercy is not satisfied with the formulation.

” The government is a significant gesture for the artists, authors, which could be a bill of social Security funding or project finance law “, explains the rapporteur of the first text, Olivier Véran. It could take the form of a drop in other contributions, due by the artists and authors.

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