The mortality rate for skin cancer in men has increased by 50% in France over the past 30 years.
Deaths from skin cancer among men have exploded in rich countries since 1985, while the death rate among women is increasing more slowly, even decreasing, researchers at London's Royal Free London Hospital (Great Britain) said. Britain) at the UK National Cancer Research Institute conference this weekend in Glasgow.
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        In Spain and Great Britain, the mortality rate increased most among men (70%) followed by the Netherlands (60%) and France and Belgium (50%). In women, the melanoma mortality rate has increased much more slowly, even declining in Austria (9%), the Czech Republic (16%) and Israel (23%). mentioned the exception of Japan, the developed country which has by far the lowest melanoma mortality rate, whether in men or women, with 0.24 and 0.18 per 100,000, respectively Scientists are investigating whether biological or genetic factors may explain these inequalities in skin cancer, but "the results so far are inconclusive," said Dr. Dorothy Yang, lead author of this research. read also: UV, even weak, dangerous for childrenMélanome: the matte skins do not protect themselves enough






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