Increasingly popular, not only in Ulm


Slot Machines or Online Slots? It’s not a question of generation. More and more passionate gamblers are going “back to the roots” and enjoy seeing one or the other classic.

The joy of ownership is even greater. You would be amazed if you knew how many households have a slot machine at the heart of the party room.

The fascination of gambling is as old as mankind

The game is deeply rooted in human roots. Inside each of us is the child we once were, who could play all day. What changes over a lifetime is the way you play. With the invention of the first slot machine in 1889, gambling experienced an unstoppable boom. Even the first slot machine (see had the well-known – eponymous – lever. The Black Cat wasn’t the only slot machine from this era. Karl August Fey, a native of Ulm, developed the second world-famous Liberty Bell slot machine after moving to the USA.

Slot machines: popularity of the classics

In the digital age, one might think that no player wants to move a lever and play a classic. But the opposite is the case. As you can see in the offers here, old slot machines are more popular than ever. Fans pay top prices for a fully functional slot machine and place it in a “place of honor” in their own four walls. Anyone lucky enough to own a man cave could quickly become a collector and set up their own Las Vegas. Even if the wife is only partially enthusiastic about it, a passionate player and collector can hardly resist the charm of an early slot machine.

Las Vegas in Ulm and worldwide – also in a mini version

The fact that the one-armed bandit is popular in Ulm is not least due to the inventor of the most famous slot machine – who was born in Ulm. In order to get the Las Vegas feeling at home, you don’t necessarily have to clear out a large room or park your car in front of the garage. The fact is: nowadays you can play easily and conveniently online. Decorative, authentically designed one-armed bandits to set up provide the right playing environment. Whether as a money box or as an eye-catcher on the shelf – the slot machine from the years of its invention causes enthusiasm. The new State Treaty on Gambling has given online gambling a boost. The right flair for an online slot game is created, for example, with small “fake” slot machines.

Slot machines as decoration: a new trend?

Small one-armed bandits are very popular as a money box, as a secret hiding place or simply for the joy of looking at them. Even if the replicas don’t flash and if you have to do without the familiar noises: they cut a fine figure on the shelf. If you want to achieve the Las Vegas effect, frame your small exclusive collection with LED light chains and thus ensure the blinking that is part of gambling. Many non-gamblers are also enthusiastic about the designs and the appearance of the slot machines. In a vintage interior or in the house bar, a one-armed bandit fits perfectly into the ambience as a man’s toy or as a replica.
By the 1920s, slot machines had become a popular pastime around the world. Few people avoided the slot machines, where the risk of losing was greater than the chance of winning. One-armed bandits as decoration bring the free feeling and the specialness of this time into your own four walls. This is certainly a reason for many collectors to buy a slot machine and dive into another world. If you don’t have the space or the money for an intact original, you still don’t have to do without the magic of charisma and you can simply choose smaller ones. When you play, you forget time and everyday life. The distraction from worries and problems is a reason for players to go to the casino or to try their luck at online slots. But also the fascination of the one-armed bandits has ensured the growing popularity. Whether you put a real collector’s item in the man cave or whether you prefer the cheaper and absolutely real-looking decoration machines depends on many factors – including the space available in the house.