Incredible! Family denounced that Legal Medicine gave them the wrong body

According to Melva Sanz, aunt of Yeison José Centeno Sanz, 24 years oldon September 19 the young man suffered a traffic accident on the roads of the department of Huila. Because Centeno was of Venezuelan nationality, only until yesterday did his relatives receive the body as they were carrying out the process to repatriate to the country of origin.

However, when the body was in the funeral home San Jose de Neiva Since for economic reasons they decided to give him a Christian burial in Colombia, they got the surprise of their lives when they found out that the remains of Yeison José had already been buried 15 days before by other people and that the body they had corresponded to a 40-year-old man .

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The man from the funeral home calls me telling me that he has bad news for me… There was an error that they mixed up the body. His nephew was given to another family and the man stayed here. 15 days ago he was already buried, ”explained the woman.

For her part, Mrs. Maria Estela, a relative of the 40-year-old man, said that she only found out today that a stranger had been buried and wept because the Prosecutor’s Office contacted them to give them the unfortunate news.

“We found out because they spread the news and second, they called my daughter from the prosecution for me to introduce myself… I think what they have done is unfair. We cried, the truth is very painful, they didn’t let us see their faces and to date they haven’t told us what happened”.