Incredible scene, a passenger filmed and broadcast the video live

At least 67 people perished on Sunday, January 15, in the crash of a Yeti Airlines plane in Nepal. According to FranceTVInfo, the aircraft crashed in the gorges of the Seti River, making the search for bodies “difficult”, as Krishna Prasad Bhandari, an army spokesman quoted by AFP, has stated. No survivors have been found.

Videos of the accident have been posted on social media, including that of the plane a few seconds before it crashed, and of dozens of people gathered around a huge fire with a thick cloud of black smoke billowing from it.

Investigators may now be able to shed light on the tragedy, as a passenger filmed and broadcast the scene live just moments before the crash. The video has been shared online.

There were 53 Nepalese passengers on board, as well as 15 foreign nationals, including five citizens of India, four Russians, two Koreans, an Australian, an Argentinian, an Irishman and a Frenchman.

The incredible scene that was filmed and broadcast live has sent shockwaves around the world.