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Almost all the more or less specific bonuses and concessions used by governments are generally designed to be used by a specific part of the population, which is why, for our country, the ISEE is often used, i.e. the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator. , a document that testifies the average income of a family group.

The pandemic has greatly influenced this trend, and many of the bonuses created by the Conte II government used this form of “control”, but not all.

Bonus without ISEE € 800

There are several “bonuses” that can be requested by applying on 31 December, regardless of one’s ISEE: the Mamma Domani Bonus does not take into account the applicant’s income, but still follows specific requirements.

The mother bonus tomorrow is in fact the prerogative of women who, in the period of time ranging from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2021, have seen one of these conditions occurred: completed the seventh month of pregnancy, or a birth, even if prior at the beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy or having obtained custody of a child through adoption or fostering.

The bonus in question is 800 euros and is paid in a single solution for each child. The request can be made either through the INPS telematic portal or by using any authorized Caf / Patronato.

Bonus Iscro

Another bonus, this time aimed at holders of VAT numbers regardless of the ISEE, is the Iscro Bonus, approved after the approval of the last budget law, on an experimental basis for the three-year period 2021-2023. This is a sort of “mini redundancy fund” for VAT number holders who can prove that they have suffered losses of 50% compared to the three years prior to the year prior to submitting the application. Among the requisites it is necessary to have declared an amount not exceeding 8,145 euros in relation to the previous year of the request, revalued on the basis of the variation of the ISTAT index, not to already receive payments as from INPS such as the Citizenship Income.

This will be paid over a period of six months, and depending on the income it can be “worth” from 250 to 800 euros.