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Many people end a relationship and their physical and health deteriorate. And it is that it is normal, the commonly called ‘tusa’ is a hard process that those who separate from who they believed was their loved one go through.

But, most people end up recovering and are reborn from the ashes of that failed romance; even when it is a marriage of many years from which a family has been born.

That precisely is the case of Emma Sheppard, 42, who separated from her husband in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, after 18 years of marriage and currently she is ready to start a new relationship; a change from ‘heaven to earth’.

After marrying at 22, Emma’s life as a wife and mother filled her with personal satisfaction, but also put her family at the center. According to her, she said in statements recorded by the British tabloid ‘Daily Star’, her breakup left her unhappy. Now, two years after her divorce, it seems that she decided to take charge of the matter and amazed everyone around her with a particular change.

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How did you achieve that transformation?

There were several routines that the mother of two daughters adopted during her process. She started eating all the healthy dishes that she had cooked at home instead of opting for junk food. She also joined the gym and decided to open a Tinder account so she could meet other people. These were the first steps of a total transformation, which arose from an internal decision.

I am very happy because I gave a total turn to my life– said the social worker in statements for the aforementioned medium- I feel incredible. It’s like beauty comes from within, it’s like walking on air.”

I just lived, worked to pay the bills, and got by

According to Emma, ​​in addition to all those activities, there was a thought that led her to make big decisions: “Before, I had worked hard and cared about others. After we parted, I realized that it was my turn, ”she continued. “I looked old and empty and worn out, but now I’m living my best life. I’m happy and I look completely different”, he added.

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In the year 2000, Emma Sheppard and her husband got married. She imagined that it would be for her whole life, but small fissures began to appear in her relationship that ended up collapsing her. In January 2021, her “her team” left the house, while the divorce was finalized in October of that year.

At first, the woman was depressed, but after listening to Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’, she decided to continue on her way. She renewed her clothes and dared to wear red lipstick for the first time. She also adopted good habits and replaced the bad ones, like smoking. Plus she took an extra job two nights at a bar.

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“I had been married for life. It was him, the girls and the job. He felt that he had it all figured out (…) It was really bad after he left, it really broke me down. I felt useless, had panic attacks”, revealed Emma, ​​who added that she lost confidence in herself and isolated herself: “I was just living, working to pay the bills and getting ahead. Now everything is completely different because I smile all the time. This is just the beginning, ”she closed.

Although still can’t find the match with her Tinder dates, she also had a few flings, even flirting with a member of the popular reality British Love Island.

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