Independent Alsace winegrowers gain a foothold in Strasbourg – Independent Alsace winegrowers gain a foothold in Strasbourg

The Syndicate of Independent Winegrowers of Alsace is preparing to open a space in the heart of Strasbourg: finally an Embassy of Alsace wines in the city which houses the European Parliament.

For wine lovers, the capital of Alsace is Colmar. Located more or less in the center of the vineyard, Colmar is the city from which it is easiest to explore the vineyards. But for those who do not know the region well, for all Europeans, for those who only travel by direct TGV, the big city of Alsace is Strasbourg. And in this big city, seat of the Council of Europe and the European Parliament, there is no Alsace wine embassy. No official embassy, ​​of course, because there are plenty of well-stocked restaurants and wistubs, not to mention wine merchants like Au Millésime, Vino Strada or Terres à vin.

La Neubau in the heart of Strasbourg

They had been talking about it for two years, the Alsace winegrowers grouped together in Synvira, the union of independent winegrowers in Alsace. They wanted to reproduce in town the atmosphere of their cellars by opening a place of promotion and sale, where everyone could discover their wines, but also their profession and their terroirs. For the 50th anniversary of their union, they concluded an agreement with the Alsace Chamber of Commerce and Industry to move to their premises in La Neubau, place Gutenberg, in the heart of historic Strasbourg. It is one of the oldest freestone buildings in the city, designed in the 16th century as the city’s business center, seat of the corporations. The consular hotel La Neubau thus resumed a commercial vocation 242 years after the corporations deserted it.

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We know that the history of trade in Strasbourg is historically linked to the Alsace wine trade. The corporation of “Gourmets”, set up in the 13th century in Strasbourg, organized the wine trade, a major export product at the time of the creation of the building in 1585. The independent winegrowers of Alsace are fully aware of the heritage they receive from the Alsace Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which combines heritage, economic activity and political history. SYNVIRA wishes ” preserve the highly symbolic spirit of the building while giving it a real commercial dynamism ».

A showcase for Alsatian winegrowers

The independent winegrowers of Alsace have ambitious objectives: transform an administrative building into a showcase for Alsatian winegrowers, develop a commercial space in a historic site, create a meeting place and exchange between professionals and the general public. They want to allow the discovery of terroirs and products to those who do not have the time or the inclination to travel to the cellars of the winegrowers. To do this, the winegrowers will take turns animating the premises by bringing the concept of welcome and sales that has proven its worth among winegrowers: the warmth of the cellars of the city’s wine route. We can taste, converse with the producers, discover wine-food pairings before buying – or not. An online store will complete the offer with a shipping service for travelers without luggage.

The products for sale will be the wines of Alsatian winegrowers, directly from their farms, but the project also has a cultural aspect. The discovery of the historical and gastronomic heritage is on the program, as well as the demonstration of the commitment in favor of an environmentally friendly viticulture, since all the producers are committed to an environmental approach. The opening was a dream for the Christmas markets. It is now scheduled for the course of 2022.