Independent can access a pension and health insurance for life

In Peru there are more than 5.6 million independent workers who do not contribute to either the National Pension System or the Private Pension System. With them in mind, the ONP offers the option of Optional or voluntary Assurance.

This alternative allows the self-employed to have the same rights as mandatory members, such as a pension for life, medical care at EsSalud, a pension in case of disability for work and, upon the death of the owner, these benefits are extended to family members. dependents such as spouse or partner, children or parents.

“In the National Pension System the benefits are for life, except for the orphan’s pension that ends when the children reach the age of majority, but it can be extended while they carry out higher studies on an interrupted basis,” said the spokeswoman for the ONP, Nora Torres.

The only two conditions to be insured as a facultative affiliate are: not having a dependent employment relationship (not having an employer) and not being affiliated with the Private Pension System.

“Anyone who wants to be part of the ONP can join, whether they are formally independent or not. Because all Peruvians must have access to a pension and health insurance ”, said the representative of the ONP.

The amount of the optional contribution is 13% of the declared monthly income, which cannot be less than a current minimum vital remuneration.

The ONP offers the possibility to the facultative affiliates to make the payment of their monthly contributions in parts.

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In March 2021, the incorporation of new facultative insured began, who joined through the service for self-employed. Also in affiliate option, option other requests. For inquiries, you can call ONP Te listeners at (01) 634-2222.