Independent of the house bank with FinTech!

(open PR) Finally independent of the house bank: FinTech portals make it possible to apply for loans online, compare different offers and save interest.

FinTech – short for Financial Services and Technology – is a collective term for all finance-related technologies and services, including their provision.

Fintech describes the optimization of business processes in the field of financing with the help of modern technologies.

What has been possible with consumer loans for years now also applies to SME loans: apply for and compare loans online.

FinTech change: Corporate customers are king and are being courted by financiers!

In the past, the banks determined the offer: the corporate customer went to his house bank, where the bank clerk presented him with an offer. Either the customer accepted the offer (the interest and conditions) or he didn’t get any money. Today, corporate customers are being wooed by financial service providers in a similar way to consumers with consumer credit. Provided that the corporate customer uses the new FinTech portals.

Tailor-made financing solutions instead of standard house bank solutions:

Instead of going to the house bank like in the past, SMEs, traders and the self-employed are now going online! This gives you a tailor-made solution for financing. Because unlike the house bank, FinTech allows for tailor-made financing offers, ie offers tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

Important: In the lending business, tailor-made offers are always to the advantage of the customer, as they are cheaper than standard offers.

Fast bridging loan thanks to FinTech credit analysis technology:

A major achievement of the FinTech industry is intelligent technology for rapid credit rating analysis. This makes credit decisions possible within minutes. Because quick credit checks are the prerequisite for quick loan solutions – bridging loans or liquidity loans – to quickly bridge financial bottlenecks and to secure liquidity.

This is the real advantage of FinTech loans compared to conventional loans from the house bank. Especially in times of crisis (example: Corona), FinTech loans are advantageous compared to house bank loans with long waiting times.

Advantage FinTech: speed, transparency and comparison

Conventional banks cannot keep up with fintech service providers in terms of speed and flexibility. Because it is the lean processes and low process costs of fintech companies that essentially differentiate them from traditional banks: the digital test systems of fintech companies allow effective and quick decisions about financing.

Short-term, fast financing solutions such as bridging loans or liquidity loans are the most frequently sought-after form of financing for small companies, the self-employed and commercial enterprises.

FinTech Portale statt Bank!

Financing inquiries via the bank are increasingly being replaced by FinTech portals on the web. These offer flexible financial offers tailored to the individual company needs of the customer.

In the USA, around 80% of corporate financing already bypasses conventional banks. Alternative corporate financing through FinTech portals and online brokers is also on the rise in Germany.

FinTech loans for SMEs & the self-employed:

Innovation & venture management, development and consulting with a focus on the FinTech sector and alternative financing concepts.

New ways of raising capital and credit financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, tradespeople and the self-employed.

FinTech applications, crowdlending portals and direct banks are innovative offers that are interesting alternatives compared to traditional bank loans.

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