Index – Abroad – A Belgian newspaper rejected the Orbán government’s ad

It was recently revealed that the Hungarian government is advertising in foreign newspapers the seven points with which Viktor Orbán came forward in his lecture in Vigadó a week ago. The ad also appeared in the Danish Jyllands-Posten and the Spanish ABC, and the Belgian newspaper De Morgen wrote an article about its refusal to publish the seven points in Orban.

De Morgen calls Orban’s vision of the future of the European Union propaganda in a June 24 article, he said, was approached by a PR agency to fulfill a Hungarian government mandate, and the seven-point ad should appear in the paper “as soon as possible.”

The text of the advertisement is an abbreviated version of what Viktor Orbán presented in Vigadó:

1) “We are scouring towards an imperial European Union. Instead of a Europe of nations, they are building a European superstate in Brussels that no one has given authority to, ”said Viktor Orbán, who said that building an empire would inevitably lead to a lack of democracy. “We want the democracy of democracies, based on the nations of Europe. We National Democrats are against Empire Builders. ” He declared.

2) According to the Prime Minister, the EU is run by those who see integration as an end in themselves and want to override all traditional values. Therefore, according to Viktor Orbán from the Treaty on European Union the term “ever closer union” should be deleted for the first time.

3) The European Union, continued Viktor Orbán, he outsourced a respectable slice of his power to Soros ’networks and American Democrat interests.

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According to him, this had three stages, the European Commission was transformed into a political body, and the preparation of rule of law country reports on EU member states was outsourced to NGOs. These belong to the network of György Soros. The third step is to classify EU Member States on the basis of their opinion, which is an abuse of power, the power that EU Member States have conferred on the European Commission.

4) Without common economic success, the European Union will fall apart. If it turns out that we can be more economically successful individually, it is over, so we should only support policies that focus on common economic success. Instead, the European Union is fighting its own member states and shattering itself.

5) An era of dangerous challenges follows, marked by epidemics and migration. The precondition for success is the restoration of democracy. A new institution needs to be set up with the involvement of the constitutional courts of the Member States.

6) The European Parliament has proved to be a dead end, representing only ideological interests, so the role of national parliaments needs to be significantly increased: national parliaments should be sent and given the right to stop the European Union’s legislative process, ie the red flat procedure should be introduced.

7) Serbia must be admitted to the European Union. According to Viktor Orbán, the EU has a greater interest in this than Serbia.

De Morgen rejected his appearance, saying that with his findings on empire-building and NGOs, the seven points in Orban ignore the fact that the European Parliament is made up of representatives elected by the citizens of the EU member states and the European Council brings together heads of state and government. in a body.

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The timing of the ad is also noteworthy, as the Orbán government is now undergoing criticism for anti-gay regulation related to the pedophile law.

Because of the announcement, we asked the Prime Minister to

  • in how many countries and in how many foreign newspapers has the government published the seven-point package of proposals so far,
  • the total number of foreign newspapers planned to be published
  • and how much resources are spent on appearances.

As soon as we receive a response, we will update our article.