Index – Abroad – Jubilee: Viktor Orbán’s policy can be an example for the new Italian government

According to Italian conservative activist-writer Francesco Giubilei, the final result of the weekend’s Italian elections will be important not only for Italy, but also for the European Union. Italy ranks third in the EU in terms of economy and population, and now, after ten years, the country will again have a conservative leadership. Giubilei told Mandiner that this is a big opportunity to make conservative changes on immigration, family policy, improving birth rates and the economy.

He also told the paper that conservative-led politics can play an important role in the management of immigration.

This is a difficult moment for the European economy, due to inflation and the energy crisis. Italy can have a say in EU policy, for example against the so-called »Green Deal«, which does not take into account important economic and social aspects

– said Francesco Giubilei, who believes that a policy is needed that takes into account the national interests of Italians.

According to the activist, Von der Leyen threat it was shameful because it interfered in Italian politics, and thus in the elections. As he said, Italy is a founding member of the European Union and its third largest country, so it has an important strategic role, as North African migration largely takes place through Italy, and in the future even more gas may arrive in the EU through the Italians. He added that this government was unlikely to take Italy out of the EU or out of the euro.

When asked whether Viktor Orbán’s policy could be an example for Italy, he said that there are indeed differences between the two countries, but certain policies can serve as an example, highlighting the family policy of the Hungarian Prime Minister and the increase in the number of births.

Orbán created excellent conservative think tanks in Hungary, this could also be a good model

Giubilei told the newspaper’s question.

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(Cover photo: Viktor Orbán. Photo: Péter Papajcsik/Index)