Index – Culture – Brains audiences don’t care if it rains

The wind intensified, the rain dangling from its feet on the second day of the 2022 Volt Festival. The weather forecasters slammed the storm, the campers confirmed their residences, everyone was prepared for the worst, but the show had to continue in Sopron. The opening band on the big stage had no easy task, the fatigue after Muse was still living in the ranks at the visceral level. That’s when one of the most energetic party bands in the domestic market, Brains, took the stage.

The band plowed the tired bodies with such momentum that already in the middle of the concert, the crowd jumped to a rhythm like a frame and shook the ground. Responding to the mood, the front of the team, András Kéri (MC Columbo), even joked:

The party is starting to get so hot that the fire truck has arrived.

This exchange of energy was also stuck in the back, with a toast to the health of the audience from the stage in his hair, thanking the force the spectators had packed into the rampage. The band’s old hits have been played, but the new-era Brains have also emerged with great success.

There may be wind or rain, the Brains will not stop

The dynamics moved so well that the mood intensified as the end of the concert approached. While everyone dreaded the chance of an impending storm, the gang confronted the fear and forged strength out of it. András Kéri said on stage that “the Brains audience is screaming when the rain is pouring”, which has left the audience going wild, and the place of uncertainty has been replaced by rage. Partying in the rain is inconvenient, but when the conditions are right, a huge adrenaline bomb that the team spent to its own advantage.

They have also repeatedly stated that they will not step down after the party than those who have done their job well, will stay and have fun with the audience until dawn while attending concerts by other performers. We can also be a huge success for Kerni, as it is rare for a man to have two great-running bands (as in the case of the Brains and the Irie Mafia), but it is even rarer for them to perform at the same festival with them on the big stage. Virtual applause, because it’s a lot of work, but it’s a huge achievement that requires humility and hard work.

Immediately after the concert, mingling and photography began with the audience, not the security guards and cordon, but handshakes and Instagram posts surrounded the band. Bringing out the good in a difficult situation is fundamentally respectable, but the best, the truly impressive. Rarely can I say that, but on the organizational side, the best idea possible was that the Muse was able to shake the Brains in their pants, laying the groundwork for the second day. The team did everything they could to warm up the audience. Whether the other bands took advantage of this opportunity is up to them.

(Cover image: Karip Tímea / Index)