Index – Culture – “Clint Eastwood, Clint Eastwood, even if he has different political views”

Anthony Oliver Scott, aka AO Scott, a leading New York Times film critic, finds Woody Allen’s films repulsive today, even though he used to be a big fan of them. AO Scott says a critic should not make friends with movie stars. The American journalist also talked about

why Samuel L. Jackson sent him to a warmer climate.

Critics of film criticism believe it will exist for as long as there is culture in our world, but if you think about the current standard of criticism, you won’t find the situation reassuring. During the pandemic, he especially enjoyed being able to write about older films as cinemas were closed. This situation also allowed him to write an in-depth analysis of Bernardo Bertolucci’s 1976 five-hour film episode, and

recommends to his readers Béla Tarr’s more than seven-hour masterpiece Satan Tango.

Scott said Tarr’s 1994 film was a good fit for the harsh period.

Clint Eastwood has different political views, but that doesn’t change his mind

The film critic told that he did not consider it lucky to judge the creators according to their political affiliation:

There’s Clint Eastwood, for example, who is known to have fairly right-wing views. My political views don’t agree with his at all, but it never bothered me at all, and my opinion doesn’t change: Clint Eastwood, Clint Eastwood.

The allegation of child molestation against Woody Allen, on the other hand, forced Scott to rethink his admiration for the New York filmmaker. For him, Allen had been a cultural icon for a long time, but he experienced his current affair as a huge disappointment, and when he looked at his films again, he found many things repulsive in them.

It is not in his profession to form friendly relationships with directors. According to the American journalist, the film awards broadcast on TV have become insane because they no longer have cultural significance and are being watched less and less.

Exactly ten years ago, Samuel L. Jackson joined Scott on his Twitter page because he was so upset about his article on Avengers. The movie star wrote to the film critic that it was time to look for a new job.

Scott pointed out that the situation in the film industry is much more precarious today than ever before, so Hollywood directors and producers have realized they need critics. The 55-year-old considers the Dune to be the most overrated film of all time, which he sees as a fundamentally horrific creation.