Index – Culture – If it was on Netflix, everyone would be watching this series now

There is a simple reason for this: the Apple TV+ streaming service, which hosts the production, has never really become popular in Hungary. Our hearts are bleeding, because we are sure that if The Mosquito Coast was broadcast on Netflix, everyone would be addicted to it, and hundreds of comments on social media would glorify the production, which returned for its second season on November 4.

But what is it about? At the center of the story is a self-styled inventor named Allie Fox (Justin Theroux), who forces her family into rather spartan conditions: she doesn’t allow her children to go to school or have a phone, or to talk to their grandparents. The reason for the strange lifestyle is that Allie and his wife Margot (Melissa George) are hiding from the authorities. What exactly the married couple did is not revealed during the seven-part first season, only that the NSA agents find them, so the Fox family has to flee. Through ditches and bushes, also touching Mexico, where they make more enemies. Thus, by the end of the season, the mafia is already on their trail.

The strongest link in the series is the main character himself, Justin Theroux, who brilliantly played a guy close to Allie’s habitus in HBO’s The Leftovers, who was also badly tormented. Every twitch of Theroux is worth its weight in gold, and few other than him could play the secretive inventor like that. For the actor, A Mosquito Coast is actually a family project, as the 1981 novel on which it is based was written by Justin Theroux’s uncle, Paul Theroux. In 1986, a film version was made of it with Harrison Ford in the main role, but it is probably not as well known in this country as this modern version, which significantly reworked the original story.

The script sometimes stumbles, but the cast and the beautiful cinematography make up for it: opposite Theroux’s alpha male, Melissa George, who plays the wife, takes up the gloves beautifully, whose character, Margot, steps forward more and more bravely from the shadows and leads her family. Likewise, Allie and Margot’s children experience remarkable character development, Charlie (Gabriel Bateman), who is initially very innocent, gets to the point of killing a bad boy in cold blood in a few episodes, while Dina (Logan Polish) starts to show her practical, creative side more and more frequently during escapes. .

The Mosquito Coast is a bit like Breaking Bad, only here the horse doesn’t take off with one person, but with the whole family. So the basic concept is really exciting.

The Apple TV+ series, as we wrote above, returned with its second season on November 4. The only reason we didn’t write about it earlier was because the season opener became such a filler that we were scratching our heads over it for days. After more than a year of waiting, the creators were able to push a flashback episode under our noses. Which can be called at least a bold move, but we could also say that it is pure madness. Because we were very specifically thirsty to find out what will happen to the Foxes in the depths of the Guatemalan jungle…

In addition, we learned a lot about the Fox parents and the reasons for hiding and running away in the premiere. But an episode with so much filler should have been fired sometime in the middle of the first season, not now.

The second part of the second season was already a step better, also because Allie’s story in the present finally progressed. What was going on, he was running, as the main character’s life was in danger from one moment to the next, the ship that the Foxes had been traveling with caught fire, and even a hungry crocodile made the progress of our favorites difficult.

In terms of exotic locations and cultures, Mosquito Coast has never been weak, there is no other series that puts its protagonists in such extreme conditions.

And believe me, there is something refreshing in the fact that Walter White, who voluntarily defies the law, is deliberately mixed up with the legendary handyman MacGyver, and as a result we get an insane dude like Allie. We just stare at the screen, but every time we sit down in front of The Mosquito Coast – a new episode comes out every week, on Fridays – our adrenaline level rises a little when we remember: more and more bastards are breathing down the neck of the Fox family.

And the most beautiful thing of all? The protagonists of the Mosquito family are also pretty badass, so sometimes we have no idea who to root for.

In terms of scoring, we have a hard time, because if we look at the entire first season, it is easily somewhere in the 9/10 moves around. The retrospective start of the second stage is maximum a 6/10while the latest episode released at the time of writing already hits the 7,5/10. We are worried about the continuation, so that this undulating trend does not persist, because then we will be forced to say in our review of the entire season that Apple has eliminated our favorite. Of course, no one can take away the brilliant first season from us, thank God.

Moszkito-part is available with Hungarian subtitles on Apple TV+.