Index – Culture – Impossibility to watch Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum’s treasure hunt without laughter

Paramount Pictures took a pretty big risk by saying that The Lost City has made a treasure hunt, as it is not about many parts of a world-successful franchise, possibly a comic book or video game processing. Let’s face it, Hollywood is forcing all of the latter to nosebleeds, and there could easily be some who have had enough of it all. No, the studio took more of Seth Gordon’s original idea, worked it out more or less enjoyable, stuffed it with a bunch of stars, and put a roughly two-hour adventure comedy in front of us.

The story is about a successful romantic novelist named Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) embarking on a press tour introducing her latest tarpaulin, The Lost City of Dt. As long as she is able to leave her apartment, the woman has been quite upset since her husband’s death, spending most of her time drinking in the bathtub. The meeting with the readers doesn’t go as well as everyone plans, thanks to the fact that Alan (Channing Tatum), who stretches the cover of the book, is more interested in the audience than the author himself.

Not everyone is like this, including the mentally ill company Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) who kidnaps the writer, trusting Loretta to lead her to a treasure she thought was lost. He can only do it, since his novels also featured the coveted ancient headdress. From here, the adrenaline-fueled race begins, with the kneaded cover model Alan embarking on a rescue operation, but the jungle adventure turns out to be more dangerous than he or the celebrity played by Bullock would have imagined in his wildest dreams.

We had previously anticipated that Sandra Bullock would bring such a film, sharpened for foaming entertainment, out of the routine. We weren’t even disappointed, the actress’s career dates back to its heyday with this production, only in an interestingly reversed role. In adventure movies like this, there’s always an older tough guy and a whimpering pretty girl, The lost cityhowever, the roles have been reversed: in this story, Loretta is the one whose head is already overgrown with softness, while Channing Tatum is constantly chirping, panicking and comically paralyzing when a fight takes place.

Nonetheless, the chemistry between Bullock and Tatum is strong, and the two of them also deliver quite a few smiling scenes. But their characters really work when seen at once with overcast faces like Brad Pitt’s macho action hero Jack Trainer and the aforementioned crazy billionaire Daniel Radcliffe’s Abigail. None of the latter is featured much on the canvas, but they do a very good overall picture. They bring a few more amazingly funny twists to the not-so-ordinary adventure film lineup,

the former Harry Potter is particularly adventurous as he evils. It’s just icing on the cake that with Pitt’s character and a grotesque way to show off the heroism of the action movies, we’re going to catch our bellies with laughter.

The lost city unfortunately it gets a little tired by the end, the jokes are about three-quarters of the film, but then they become forced. There are productions that are good for 120 minutes, but that’s not the point. It could have been a smooth half-hour cut from playtime, a tightening of the cinema version, and the release of a maximum of a director’s version for those who really pinched the Bullock’s adventures. It used to be that way, we don’t know why it went out of style in comedies.

In addition to reverse gender roles and supporting actors The lost city it does not show too much novelty. It’s an oldschool adventure movie, but luckily of the vibrant and funny kind. Lightweight movies like this are believed to be in demand. The $ 163 million result is what The lost city imported at checkouts worldwide, at least that’s what it suggests. Some stars still have traction, though obviously not nearly as big as, say, a new Marvel movie. It’s a little sad, but if we get bold sequels like Doctor Strange 2, we will somehow survive. Maybe. (6,5/10)

The lost city it can still be seen in cinemas.