Index – Culture – In a hypocritical world, everyone is miserable on their own level

Everyone wants to be someone. The focus is on someone, the attention is on the Eger band. The Wallkids came out with a new song, and the title in the first sentence alone indicates that the boys – after their acoustic outing – have returned to the punk-rock style. They say: for a Green Day rubber punk with a real 90s vibe!

This song is about today, and whoever hears it with understanding knows that it is not so veiled social criticism. According to István Nádasi, alias Gibbon, the founding frontman of the band, it is about the false ego of today’s people, about the competition that does not spare each other hidden behind the false smile.

This life is about nothing

Unfortunately, we have to start over.

We were curious about this because if they are singing this, then what is life about, and Gibbon says that in this stanza just that he sings about wasted time, about the time with which vwe want to run a purse, but we just can’t, so if we’ve already wasted our time, the ending will come. It is pure philosophy when Gibbon says that “everything is good if the end is good, but until it is not good there is no end”, but this can also be seen from a guy who has been studying the Vedas for twenty-seven years, dealing with Krishna teachings, and who for him, life is a cycle – and the Earth is a beautiful place, but there is something more beautiful.

Philosophy and punk rock

The boys wrote the song in such a way that if you don’t get the gist of the first two verses, if you listen to it again from the beginning, you’ll already know that the truth, no matter how bitter, and perhaps many people really like to suffer, to lie down in their own little puddle, the solution is not to drag others down to themselves, quite the opposite.

Well, after such an introduction, there really was nothing left but to listen to how philosophy and punk rock meet in Eger.

A music video for the song will also be prepared over time, and The Wallkids will be able to complete it by the end of autumn.