Index – Culture – Kevin Spacey received a huge fine

Kevin Spacey was legally fined $ 30 million for the losses he suffered as a result of a series of series called House of Cards.

Back in 2017, Spacey’s sexual harassment mingled with a scandal that affected the filming of his entire series. According to a report, Netflix lost a total of $ 39 million due to the scandal.

As a result, the actor was sued. The case dragged on for more than three years, but a final verdict was handed down on Monday. According to him, Spacey has breached parts of his contract that set out expectations for his behavior, so he must pay compensation. According to a report, he also sexually harassed many of his staff while filming the show.

Spacey’s defense attorney, on the other hand, argued that the actor’s affairs did not play a decisive role in the series ’losses. The actor has previously appealed against the verdict, but with the current decision, it has become final.

Spacey has since become an undesirable person in Hollywood due to the scandal, although he was given a film role again for the first time this year.

(via The Guardian)