Index – Culture – Netflix’s new hospital movie wiped the floor with us

There are several possible answers to this question. There are psychologists who explain this mass phenomenon by saying that people simply like to be exposed to sick, dark minds while sitting at home, in the utmost safety in front of the TV. According to other doctors dealing with psychology, it is more than that, a kind of defense mechanism. We want to know what motivates a repeat murderer, and we want to find out the big secret, or how to avoid becoming a victim.

That’s why the case of Charles Cullen is so creepy, because the man, serving multiple life sentences, committed murders from 1988 to 2003 while working as a nurse. Although he only confessed to 29 crimes, he is said to have killed patients in more than 400 cases. People who were lying in bed vulnerable, waiting for healing.

Netflix’s new film, The Good Nurse, released on October 26, follows a similar approach to Dahmer: it doesn’t make the serial killer its main character, it doesn’t want to humanize this madman, instead through the eyes of Amy Loughren, who is burying herself in work and has a serious heart condition. we see everything. The way Charles arrives at his new job and the slightly withdrawn, but fundamentally good-looking guy begins to nurse patients. Then one patient dies unexpectedly, and then another… and the police, who would investigate the stories, are hounded by the hospital’s management, which switches to defensive mode. So much so that the investigators are specifically banned from the building. This is where Amy comes into the picture, although she is a good friend to Charles at first, she gives in and starts helping the investigation. The goal? To take down the serial killer.

The other nurse is a real Cold War movie, only it takes place within the walls of a hospital. The end result could easily have been boring, but with good sense, two acting giants such as Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne were confirmed for the main roles. These two are the ones who play a cat-and-mouse game in the slow-moving story, thanks to their well-chosen facial expressions, these real-life characters really come to life.

Jessica Chastain is a veteran of good girl roles, and here she is the lovable, normal sister… she gets what she needs to get off of routine. However, the evil Redmayne is a huge surprise in the film. Up until now, we’ve seen the star of The Danish Girl mainly as a good guy, so we were honestly amazed at how well he’s doing on the other side as well.

Audiences may not embrace Eddie Redmayne for this film as much as they did with Evan Peters for Dahmer. However, in our opinion, the psychopath from The Other Sister presented an even creepier performance than Ryan Murphy’s favorite. Redmayne, in the role of Charles, hides until the end, he denies it, but you can still feel that something is not right with this guy, and at the end, his true, mentally ill self bursts out with a big bang.

Tobias Lindholm’s direction stays with us not only because of the strong acting performances, but also because it shows that American health care is bleeding from a thousand wounds. As mentioned, the hospital is closing with all its might, they are obstructing the investigation. Why do they do all this? They know that if there really is a killer lurking among the patients, then they too will hit their ankles for their negligence. Nothing shows the extent of the problem better than the fact that Cullen had done similar things in eight other hospitals before the institution in the film, and instead of being reported, they simply fired him and kept quiet, because of this, the guy repeatedly told the wearing a nurse’s cloak, she continued to kill patients.

Netflix’s new drama simply wipes the floor with its viewers, even though we were sitting in front of the screen, far from America and that healthcare system, we felt terribly exposed. If there is anyone among Dear Readers who actually watches serial killer movies and series to prepare for such an encounter and possibly be able to avoid it, we have bad news for them. The other sister kills all similar hopes.

All in all, the filmmakers absolutely brought the typical, nerve-wracking hospital atmosphere into our living room with dark photography, sterile-looking cutscenes and deep booming musical background. Hats off to Chastain and Redmayne, the main actors played these worn-out, overworked individuals struggling with physical and mental problems.

We can easily blame the other sister for being a great thriller, the tension is always there between the lines and grows on us almost imperceptibly.

It is also an absolute positive that at the end, when we say goodbye to this story, we are a little sorry that it was not developed as a series, because we would have liked to have watched the hospital rush, the scurrying investigation, and the big coming out in up to 6-8 hours. Even though The Other Sister brought us down badly during these 120 minutes.


The other sister is also available with dubbing and Hungarian subtitles on Netflix.