Index – Culture – Obi-Wan, Moon Knight or Wanda? We help you choose!

June 14, 2022 was probably a red letter holiday for all series and movie fans, as the streaming service of The Walt Disney Company, Disney +, was launched in Hungary on this day. The new service also includes a wealth of new, exclusive content, and of course, it includes not only Disney classics, but also works from the Marvel and Star Wars universes. In addition to fantasy, the offer includes some hiking shows (NatGeo) or movie and series successes that have just become a classic (Star). The huge archive of movies and series available is a challenge in itself when it comes to choosing which series or movies to start with, and Disney +’s offering is constantly expanding, which can make it even more difficult to choose.

It’s a sweet burden, of course, especially when you consider that you can choose from series such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Moon Knight, WandaVision, or Gordon Ramsay: New Taste Adventures, or Star’s own thriller. , the Big Sky. Add to this the no less impressive list of streaming movies, and maybe we’re really faced with a real disruption to the Force

But there is no reason to panic! To make the choice a little easier for long streaming marathons, we’ve put together a quiz to see which series or movie really suits you! Let’s get started!

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