Index – Culture – ONYX loses its Michelin stars, but it didn’t hurt the most

First appeared in domestic restaurants in a stand-alone Michelin Guide Budapest 2021 publication. Two restaurants in Budapest received new Michelin stars this year, and one has lost its previous recognition. The restaurant where yesterday’s announcement didn’t bring joy and liberation is az Closed due to conversion Onyx, awhich was the only one in the region to have two Michelin stars. The restaurant on Vörösmarty Square is no longer included in the guide at all.

As we approached the chefs of the seven award-winning restaurants with congratulations and celebrated with them, we were equally curious about what happened to Onyx Restaurant and how they experience the loss of stars. Niszkács Managing Director Anna spoke exclusively to Index on the subject, and recounted the terribly difficult period of the past two years. Click on the video below to watch the interview!

Anna and I talked in the demolished space of the former elegant fine dining restaurant.

ONYX lost two Michelin stars

I am extremely happy that there have been two new Michelin-starred restaurants, because that means that Budapest is developing and that there are more and more good restaurants in Hungary. So congratulations to everyone! I am confident that there will be more award-winning restaurants next year, and not only in Budapest, because the countryside is ripe to have our Michelin star there, there are fantastic country restaurants

Says the executive.

Click on the video and watch the interview! From the conversation you can find out, among other things:

  • how it felt to be confronted with the fact that they are no longer included in the guide,
  • that it may have happened that other star restaurants were closed, yet they were able to retain the recognition,
  • how they relate to the restaurant’s past and the two-star times when they are operating along a completely new concept,
  • what did the competitors react to the news that Onyx had lost its stars,
  • why the Last Supper reached far more people than the acquisition of the two stars at the time; and how he felt in the crossfire of showering negative comments,
  • what is Metamorphosis and what are the stages of restaurant transformation,
  • what functions the Workshop will perform and how the audience can look behind the scenes,
  • what Anna experienced much harder than losing the two stars,
  • why it was necessary to transform the whole operation and why a creative community takes control instead of a person,
  • why I didn’t previously love the brand Onyx,
  • when guests can visit the restaurant for the first time.
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If you could not follow or did not understand – we were lost in it – the Onyx Metamorphosis, then we will summarize the stations so far in a mini-lexicon:

Metamorphosis: The process of complete transformation of the restaurant. Changing the interior, work processes and principles subordinate to sustainability.

The last Supper: In November 2020 the old menu line was last tasted by the guests. The last catch was a hammer with which those present symbolically began to demolish the restaurant.

HIS: In May 2021, one a street fine dining event was celebrated to complete the demolition of the restaurant even outdoors according to Covid rules.

Deconstruction: In June 2021 dinner four evenings where the catches were broken down into their constituents to make something purer out of it.

Relic: In July 2021, they said goodbye to the restaurant’s 14 years of collectibles with a fair as if we were visiting Ecseri, only here were cool market food.