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Gábor Koncz is one of the most athletic Hungarian actors. If he had been born in the United States, he would probably have been seen in the role of the hero in dozens of action films, but the Hungarian film industry heaped him with plenty of offers, and it was not by chance that he got the lead role in film adaptations of novels by Jules Verne or Mór Jókai.

Gábor Koncz is the XX. an unavoidable figure in Hungarian film production and acting in the 20th century, and perhaps thanks to his physique, you can still see him on stage and in television series today.

As a child, he lived in an adobe house without a bathroom or electricity, and caught fish from the stream by hand. His love for horses developed during his years in Matyóföld, and growing up he was strongly attracted to the world of water sports.

Although originally destined to become a priest or doctor, his attention turned to the arts. Precisely because he likes to live life only in its fullness and freedom. This spring, he gave an interview to Blikk, in which he said:

I stipulated in my will that I can only be buried standing up, because I don’t want to lie down and look at the many human pigs, I want to stand up and shout even after my death if I don’t like something.

His contemporaries consider him a straightforward, outspoken person who deals with the earthly and extraterrestrial worlds, as a man of faith he is attracted by the mysteries of Asia and is preoccupied with the mystery of rebirth.

Now you can test your knowledge to see how well you know the artist Gábor Koncz.

(Cover photo: Gábor Koncz, Kossuth- and Mari Jászai award-winning actor, theater director, worthy artist, hereditary member of the Society of the Immortals, on the recording of the TV show How was he? Photo: Zsolt Zih / MTI)