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Unbelievable as it may seem, it was presented here on February 23, Cocaine bear The new horror comedy has a real-life basis: a 1985 case in which convicted drug smuggler Andrew C. Thornton II was forced to eject a load of cocaine from his plane because he was overweight. Then the guy jumped out, but his parachute said Thursday, and he died. Three months later and almost 100 kilometers away – the plane was on autopilot and crashed further away – the prey was found next to the carcass of an American black bear in the state of Georgia. The animal’s stomach was full of cocaine, it swallowed such a large amount that it was simply impossible to survive the experience. THE Cocaine bearsbecame a sight, later it was exhibited in a chain store in Kentucky, where it can still be found stuffed to this day. And the case inspired the filmmakers, who came up with a crazy movie compared to the obviously much more restrained reality.

A Cocaine bear it became a trash film in the strictest possible sense, the kind that doesn’t really try to take itself seriously. This decision has its drawbacks, as the story as a whole does not really come together, for example.

It’s like watching loosely connected scenes thrown on top of each other, and sometimes a huge, sucked-in bear rages in the background.

Apart from this and the occasionally flabby acting, the film is really what the title suggests: a bloody, uncontroversial horror comedy. It’s not worth taking too much soft drink, because the Dear Reader is guaranteed to sneeze through his nose from laughing… what did we say!

The basic atmosphere is already provided by the intro, we can read wisdom about black bears, in the form of Wikipedia quotes, that not long after the Game of Thrones– let’s see Kristofer Hivju, well-known to fans, in a rabbit-sized role, who plays a hiker named Olaf, and he and his girlfriend run into the bear for the first time. This is the point where we cringe a bit, the title bear is done with some pretty terrible CGI and then falls off the screen, moving stupidly and unbelievably. But at least he’s good at tearing people apart.

A bunch of other characters are also convinced of this, for sure, including two high school kids, Dee Dee (Brooklynn Prince) and Henry (Christian Convery), who also run into the raging beast. One of them is dragged away by the bear, and Keri Russell’s doting sister must enter the party to get her little girl back. Unfortunately, the director, Elizabeth Banks, handled this thread in a rather slow way, the creator starts to flounder after the strong foundation. He brings in good elements, such as Margo Martindale’s lame ranger, and turns something quite brilliant into the plot of Alden Ehrenreich’s character, who previously failed big with Han Solo, but here is tear-jerkingly good.

Still, the Cocaine bear joins the ranks of films that treat human characters lamely, and also wastes the now-deceased Ray Liotta. But we sign that

when the drug bear needs to go crazy, sometimes it really hits.

As for emptying the bowels, a Cocaine bear he passes the exam brilliantly, hands and feet are torn, blood flows in streams, and the ambulance sequence shown in the trailer is perhaps the most entertaining scene of the year. It’s a shame that the film itself is bleeding from quite a few wounds, so we didn’t come out of it with as good a taste as we expected, treated as trash. The hour and a half also felt a little too long, due to the lack of cohesion. The atmosphere of the 80s was hit, and so was the music, but the visual solutions sometimes stung our eyes, and we felt that it would have been enough if the Cocaine bear will remain streaming. His place would actually be there.


The Cocaine Bear is currently in theaters.